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What is...'Spring Break'?

As we approach Easter and the coming of Spring, many students across the USA will be entering their Spring break period, so we answer the question; what is Spring break?

Spring break is a holiday period including the Easter holidays in early Spring at Universities and Schools in the USA, which originally started during the 1930s. It's generally the first major break from Academic studies for College students after the Winter break, and gives them the chance for some well earned rest, or the chance double down and go on an action packed trip with friends!

The holiday usually falls around the date of Easter, with most school's generally having 1 to 2 weeks off, and this break can be anytime from March to April, depending on the date of Easter and the specific schools calendar. For some, the holiday is directly linked to Easter, whereas for most it is just a break from school!

As a Student-Athlete, Spring break can be a great time to use for recovery from the rigorous training and competition of the season, or it might be the perfect time to get in some extra training and work on your skills to help you during the Spring season!

Usually students will take the opportunity to use this free time to plan a trip or a holiday with their classmates, and as you may have seen, students can quite often be found making the most of their time off, partying on beaches across the USA and even Mexico! Some students will also use this time to visit different parts of the USA and do some sightseeing, and as an International student it is great chance to plan a trip back home to see family and friends!

Got a question about University in the USA or want to find out how you can become a US College Student? You can get in touch with us here!

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