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What is...a 'Minor'?

When it comes to studying in the USA, most students have heard of College majors. But what is a minor and have you ever heard of it? We breakdown exactly what a Minor is and how it can be beneficial for some students!

A lot of academic departments at Colleges or Universities in the USA will offer programmes with a major and a minor; While majors may require students to complete a minimum of 60 credits in related course classes, minors allow students an introduction to an academic discipline without nearly as many classes. Typically students only have to complete 16-30 credits in relevant classes to achieve a minor in the subject.

So for example, your main interest may be in International Business, which you decide to take the majority of your classes in and major in this field of study, however you may also have an interest in Sport, so you could take a handful of classes in the Sports area of study which would qualify you for a minor in the subject alongside your major in International Business.

What are the benefits of a minor? Choosing to study a minor allows you to gain a good understanding of another topic beyond your major. It can be used to complement your main area of study, or offer you a separate avenue away from that area. Some students will select a minor that complements their major; For example, a business administration major may benefit from a marketing minor. Other students will select a minor in a completely different field; A history major might minor in accounting to add another potential career path after graduation.

After beginning College, many students find they already have enough credits for a minor after their first 2 years of study as a minor doesn't require a lot of classes. Therefore, adding a minor might not require any extra courses or add time to your degree. A minor also gives students the opportunity to explore their interests and develop a deeper understanding of more than one subject, even if it's not necessarily linked to a career choice. College offers countless opportunities for intellectual growth. A minor can help undergraduates stretch their boundaries, strengthen key skills, and learn new disciplines, which is why choosing a minor appeals to many students.

If you would like to know more about studying in the USA on a Soccer scholarship just get in touch with us here and a member of our team will be happy to answer your questions and have a chat about the process!

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