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University Spotlight - Lincoln University

Based in Oakland, California, it's Lincoln University that we take a deeper dive into as part of our University Spotlight series to give you a better understanding of Colleges in the USA and what they have to offer! This particular University is a private, independent institution that offers an alternative to larger Colleges in the USA.

Lincoln University is a private university in Oakland, California. First established in 1919, the over 100 year old institution enrols more than 500 students in undergraduate and graduate level programs in business administration; as well an English-language program, certificate programs, and bachelor of science programs.

The University is currently represented Athletically by 5 Sport's teams, which include Men's and Women's Soccer. Despite being an independent school, all of the Universities Sports teams, except the American Football team, will compete in the SWS Intercollegiate Conference for the upcoming season! This conference provides an opportunity for small colleges and their student athletes to be in a structured intercollegiate competition, with a regular season championship during the months of traditional conference play for their sport, as well as postseason experience and tournament championship. Some matchday highlights for the College Soccer teams include away games in Hawaii!

You can check out the University Soccer teams schedule and stay up to date with all their latest news here, and if you want to know how you can become a US College Soccer player just get in touch with us!

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