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What is...'College'?

When you hear about Soccer Scholarships in the USA you will often hear the term College used, so what is 'College'?

In the USA, the words 'College', 'School' and 'University' are often used interchangeably to describe a place of higher education. For example, in the UK we would typically refer to somewhere that you would study for an undergraduate degree as a University, whereas in the USA people may refer to it as a School, College or University.

However, there is a clear distinction between a college and a university; technically, a college is a place of higher education that only offers degrees up to the Undergraduate level. These can include batchelor's degrees, with the length of these courses usually being between 2 and 4 years. Whereas a University is an institution that offers both undergraduate and graduate or postgraduate degrees, or a masters degree.

So there are clear distinctions between a college and university, but the word college is more commonly used when referring to a university or college in the USA. Not to be confused with what is known as college in the UK; as our education system is slightly different, what is considered college in the UK would be equivalent to a senior year in high school in the USA. American universities also tend to be larger, offer a wider variety of courses, and have a larger student body than American colleges.

As part of our US Scholarship Assistance we help our clients make the best decision for them when choosing a university or college. The USA has thousands of different options when it comes to higher education and we ensure that as our client you will be informed and have the support necessary to decide on the best place to take your next step in education and Football.

To find out more about how we can help you with a US Soccer Scholarship just reach out to us here to see how we can help make your US College dream a reality.

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