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What is... an 'Undergraduate Degree'?

You may hear the terms degree, undergraduate degree, and associates degree thrown about together, but what actually is an undergraduate degree? Is it what you get from a University course? Is it different to a Batchelors degree?

So, we answer the question; What is an undergraduate degree?

An Undergraduate Degree is an academic degree earned by someone who has completed an undergraduate course at an institute of higher education. Essentially this means that it is your first degree that you have studied at University or College, as opposed to a Postgraduate or Masters degree which requires you to have already completed a degree before.

This can also be referred to as a Batchelors degree, which we use more often in the UK, although they are essentially the same thing, and are both normally taken at a University or College and usually take 3-4 years to complete. In the UK this type of course or degree is usually known as a Batchelors, whereas in the US it is more often called an Undergraduate degree. Ultimately, the courses and values of the degrees are very similar, so whether it is called an Undergraduate or Batchelors degree you can safely assume that it is generally a 3-4 year course at a University or College.

Is an Undergraduate degree from the US worth the same as a Batchelors degree in the UK?

Yes it is! Generally speaking, an Undergraduate degree from a University or College in the USA is equivalent to a Batchelors degree from University in the UK. Whilst there are some differences in the courses and specifications, ultimately from an Academic stand point they are valued the same; so for example, an Undergraduate degree would still qualify you for a Masters course in the UK, in the same way a UK Batchelors degree would.

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