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What is...a 'Visa'?

As part of our 'What is...?' series we are going to be focusing on a different US College Soccer related topic every week, explaining what it is and how it impacts the scholarship process. So where better to start than with Visa's!


So, what is a Visa?

A US Visa is required by foreigners not eligible to travel without a Visa to the US and allows them to seek entry to the USA. The Visa itself is a document that takes up whole page in your passport and looks very similar to your passport ID page; it includes your headshot and other personal information.

As a Student Athlete at College in the US you are required to have a Student Visa, you cannot use an ESTA to travel to College, which you may have used to travel to the USA on holiday before as a tourist. In order to obtain a US Visa you must complete a set of online forms, an in person interview at the US Embassy, and provide certain documentation; such as your College offer and passport. Only after completing each of these requirements will you be able to obtain a US Visa that allows you to travel to the USA as a College student.

It is also important to note that as a US College student you are required to carry a separate supporting document called an I-20 with your Visa page in your passport in order to legally travel to the USA for your studies. You will receive your I-20 from your University or College, not the US Embassy.

The Student Visa process can seem long and complicated at first, but it's just one of the things we assist players with as part of our Soccer Scholarship service!

If you want to know more about becoming a US College Soccer player and how we can help you with your student Visa just send an email to and take the first step to making your US College Soccer dream a reality!

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