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What is...a 'Scholarship'?

As part of our 'What is?' series, this week we discuss Soccer scholarships.

So, what is a scholarship?

Or more importantly, what is a Soccer Scholarship or Athletic Scholarship?

A Soccer or Athletic scholarship is a contribution of funds towards your University or College tuition fees, provided by the institution you intend to attend. The amount can range anywhere up to 100% of your College or University Tuition fees, potentially making the cost of your education 0! Universities and Colleges have strict budgets when it comes to Athletic scholarships, so it can be very competitive and colleges will look to recruit the best possible players and students they can for their funds.

You may also be eligible for additional scholarships, such as Academic or International. Every Academic institution is different, so it always worth enquiring and doing some research to see what additional scholarships you may be eligible for or able to apply for. In some cases, you may even be awarded scholarship just for being an International student.

Think you've got what it takes to earn a Scholarship to the US to play Soccer?

Want to know more? Get in touch with us today here to find out how we make your US College Soccer dream a reality!

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