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What is...a 'Junior College'?

When considering going to the US for further education on a scholarship you may have heard about 'juco' or community colleges, but what is a junior college? These 2 year institutions offer a different pathway to a university degree, but what are they and what do they offer? We answer these key questions and more to give you a clear understanding of what a junior college is.

Junior College, also known as juco or Community College, offer 2-year programmes where you can study an associate degree. After the 2 year course, you have the opportunity to transfer to a NCAA or NAIA school, 4 year institutions, where you will be able to complete the final 2 years of your undergraduate degree.

When talking about attending college in America, junior colleges can sometimes be overlooked as not many people know about them and what they offer, but junior college can actually be a great option, particularly for athletes who are looking for a different route into the top NCAA schools.

The 2 main reasons for choosing a junior college are usually academic and sporting; junior colleges often have lower grade requirements for entry, therefore they can be a great option for students who are less academically inclined and didn’t quite get the grades they would have liked in high school. From a sporting perspective, many coaches like to recruit international players from junior colleges as they will have already proven that they are able to move away from home and adapt to college in the US, as well as performing on the pitch whilst keeping up with their academics.

There are some additional benefits to choosing a junior college as well, for example campus' and classes are typically much smaller than 4 year institutions, allowing for more dedicated time with your professors, it also creates a closer-knit community that's perfect for those who have never lived away from home before. For athletes with a smaller budget, junior college's can be a great option as well, as they are often more affordable than 4 year institutions. There is always the opportunity that if you perform well in your sport throughout your time there that it will open up bigger scholarship opportunities from universities. If you’re considering attending University in America on a Sport's Scholarship or would just like some more information, feel free to contact us here.

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