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University Spotlight - Johns Hopkins University

This week it's Johns Hopkins University that features in our spotlight series, the current Women's Soccer National Champions in NCAA Division 3!

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, this world renowned University is consistently ranked as not only one of the top Universities in the USA, but the world. The private research University provides some of the worlds best medical educations and programs in health, as well as top scientific programs, international relations, and music. The University offers not only undergraduate courses, but the majority of it's students are part of the graduate school. It is even possible to take some courses to the Doctorate level, such as Biomedical Engineering for example. As a JHU student, you also have access to the amazing George-peabody library!

Founded in 1876 initially as a Hospital and University, the institution is named after it's benefactor Johns Hopkins, an American entrepreneur and Quaker philanthropist. At the time, the University was the first of it's kind in the USA to adopt the European research institution model, and to this day is one of the world leaders in the field of research study. Since it's founding the University has expanded it's campuses from it's Homewood base; now with locations across Baltimore, in Washington DC, and globally in Italy and China.

Known as the Blue Jays on the field, Athletics plays a strong role at the school with a history of success at the Conference and National level across a range of Sports including; Lacrosse, Swimming, Track and Field, and Soccer! In fact, the Women's Soccer team were able to capture their first NCAA D3 National title in 2022.

JHU provides it's athletes with top training facilities and dedicated training areas, which includes the bespoke varsity weight room and a student-athlete lounge. You'll find the school's Soccer teams competing at Homewood Field in front of thousands of Blue Jays fans.

JHU is a prime example of how you can combine world class education with sport in the the USA, if you want to know more about how you can become a US College Soccer Athlete get in touch with us here for information on how we can help you start your US College Soccer journey!

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