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Hove Park Colts Youth teams get a taste of the Elite US Academy

We had the fantastic opportunity to talk to Hove Park Colts' youth players about pathways to US College Soccer and the opportunities available to UK players and students. We also put the boys through their paces in an Elite US Academy style session where they had the chance to experience first hand what it's like to be part of our bespoke academy program.

Going to the US on a Soccer scholarship provides players with fantastic chances to not only play at a quality standard whilst earning a degree, but also to expand their horizons and grow as people. We were delighted to be able to share our own personal experiences in the states as College Soccer Athletes and how it shaped us a people, giving the boys some idea of where going to College in the US can take you and the numerous opportunities that can arise as a result.

It was great to share a training session with the players as well as they got to experience Football training in a US College Soccer style, similar to the sessions and program that we provide in our Academy. Having created this unique training program in collaboration with US College coaches and through our own personal experiences, we provide future College Soccer Athletes with all the tools they need to be successful in the US.

Interested in sharing the opportunity of going to the US on a Soccer scholarship with your club? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help inform your players about pathways to the US!

To learn about Hove Park Colts and how this local grassroots club has partnered with Coerver Coaching to provide a high level of training for their Youth teams visit

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